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Smart bulb LED Bluetooth RGBW intelligent

 Product Description

This product is a high-performance replacement type RGB+W LED bulb, using the bluetooth 4.0 technology and the most advanced PWM (pulse-width modulation) control technology. at the same time has the function of illumination of white light. Using LED light source, its power consumption is 20% of the traditional incandescent lamp, the service life is energy-saving lamp more than 10 times. Easy installation and use simple at the same time, security and stability, achieve intelligent illumination lamps and lanterns, both energy saving and environmental protection.

The lamp body is made of aluminum plastic forming, the greatest degree to solve the problem of the high power LED heat dissipation. The lampshade adopts imported polymer nano materials, light transmittance as high as 85% above, homogeneous soft light output. Control ways, using the the bluetooth 4.0 technology, remote control distance is far, strong anti-jamming capability, high speed of air communication and so on. Manipulation of the interface is simple and practical,has rich color and various kinds of dynamic features. For household lighting, scene layout it adds a different exotic atmosphere.

Technical Paramet

Light bulbs parameters:

Supply Volt AC86-265V 50/60HZ

Working temperature -40℃-60℃

Power consumption 6W

Power factor >0. 1/7

White light color 
temperature section

WW (2700-3500K)\ CW (6000-6500K)

luminous flux >420LM

Color rendering index >80

Light angle


White LED specifications

5730   (0.5W/each)

RGB LED specifications


External dimension


The service life 50000H

The material Plastic cover the

aluminum +The PC cover

Lamp holder specifications

E27 E26 B22

Application places

Household lighting, commercial lighting, KTV, bar, Can also be mounted on a chandelier, floor lamp, desk lamp, etc




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