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Blackout Relief Power Source 



Blackout Relief Power Source

 Function and Appealing Features

Blackout Relief Power Source, would fulfill the need for a new type of emergency power and lighting system.

The appealing features of Blackout Relief Power Source, would be its safety, ease of use, and convenience. This emergency power system could be used to charge mobile electronics products and power 12 volt DC loads during the course of an extended power failure. It could also come with its own set of bright, powerful, low-draw LED lights to provide emergency illumination. It could be recharged via house current, a motor vehicle electrical system, or even a photovoltaic panel.


In the event of a power failure, most homeowners resort to using flashlights, oil lamps, candles, and other similar items as a source of illumination. Unfortunately, the intensity of the light produced by these devices is fairly small and capable of being provided for only relatively short periods. As a result, normal activities, such as reading and housework or even just moving around, are substantially limited, in addition, the use of candles and oil lamps can also pose the risk of fire.

The Blackout Relief Power Source, has been developed substantially as one possible method of overcoming some of the inconveniences associated with power outages. This product would consist of a battery based power supply in a plastic housing. Unlike an uninterruptible power supply, it would not feature an inverter and 125 volt AC outlets. Instead, it's low voltage for the safety of the children, it would feature one or more 12 volt DC outlets and a pair of USB Standard A outlets. The latter could be used to charge a variety of mobile electronics products, including cell phones, tablets, etc. The former could be used to power some of the various 12 volt appliances on the market, such as some radios, low voltage kitchen appliances, and related items targeted towards the recreational vehicle market. They could also be used to power 12 volt LED lamps. This could provide enough illumination to fully illuminate many rooms In the event of a power failure, 

The Blackout Relief Power Source, using a standard extension wire connected to standard lamps replacing the bulbs, could operate for an extended period of time, thereby enabling an individual to read, cook, and perform other functions. By eliminating the use of candles and oil lamps for emergency lighting purposes, the The Blackout Relief Power Source, could also help reduce the risk of fire.

 The Blackout Relief Power Source, could also be used to light up a backyard, patio, deck, or related area for a party or related event. It could also potentially be used at a remote campsite. Equipped with a strobe light, it could also be adapted for use in motor vehicles for roadside emergencies.

The Blackout Relief Power Source, could be charged from a variety of sources. Normally, its charge could be maintained via a 125 volt AC charging cord. During an emergency, it could be recharged from a motor vehicle via a 12 volt charging cord. It could also be potentially charged via a portable photovoltaic array.