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 Rechargeable 3 way - Solar - Car Cigarette Lighter - and AC.

Blackout Relief Power Source 

 Portable Solar Generator - Blackout Relief power Source & Solar Panel Bundle. Includes the following.

1. Blackout Relief Power Source box.

2. 60 Watt 18v Folding solar Panel.

3. 2 String Light main and Ext. Cable Indoor/Outdoor AC/DC Water Protected Sockets with switch. Standard base bulb.

4. 6 12v 5 watt LED bulbs.

5. 12 v laptop  car charger

 Additional accessories available.

1. String Light Extension, 3 socket - connected to the main string light.  It continues the  pace of 40" between bulbs, controlled by the main string light switch.

2. 12v 5w LED bulbs.

3. 12v Heating Blanket with controlled temperature. Good to keep cozy and warm for winter trips. Can be used in your car or with the Blackout Relief Power Source during a power outage to keep warm.


Blackout Relief Box with Solar Panel & 2 Cables with 6 LED Bulbs
Price only $399.99

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