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Blackout relief power source.

​​​​​We Turn Your Lights On Inc.


 Rechargeable 3 way - Solar - Car Cigarette Lighter - and AC.

Blackout Relief Power Source 

12 Volt LED lighting system

The NEED in every household!
We were on vacation in the Catskills with ALL the children and it happened the power went out a transformer busted. We had no light total darkness. Our flashlights just didn't do the trick of comforting the kids. Lighting candles was no option with them running around. The blackout lasted a few days we just had to pack up and go home till the lights came back on.
With today's fast growing advanced technology and the popularity of the DC 12 volt bright led bulbs, their use was limited to battery operated vehicles or boats. (I actually bought a few by mistake and they told me I have to buy a Yacht or a Camper to use the bulbs there was no other way of using them.)
Well NOW! We don't need to buy a BIG RV Camper or a YACHT to harness the power of these light and bright bulbs.  All you need is the Blackout Relief Power Source. The application can be used in case of disaster by hurricane blackouts or summer blackouts. Many times after a disaster NO ONE KNOWS when power will be restored it sometimes can take weeks. With the Blackout Relief Power Source, you have unlimited continuous LIGHT, charge your cell phone or tablet, radio and emergency signaling.  You can turn on a light in every room with a regular extension wire to your standard home lamps replacing them with 12 volt led bulbs. The 12 Volt Power Source is SAFE around kids NO shock hazard. It doesn't CONVERT the electricity to AC power it stays at LOW Voltage using 12 Volt Bulbs. If your electricity is out, your car might be disabled or the gas pumps are down as well, but as long as the sun still shines you have power (solar panel required).
Camping, hiking, bike riding, take it along it's small light weight. If you get stuck in the woods you have LIGHT and POWER! Where ever you are!                                                              To summarize it.
IT'S JUST GREAT and a MUST to have!

Research concludes the enormous potential and need of this product.

We Turn Your Lights On Inc.